Welcome to Arkon Consultants

Welcome to Arkon Consultants

Welcome to Arkon ConsultantsWelcome to Arkon ConsultantsWelcome to Arkon Consultants

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Soap Makes the World go Around !

In business since 1982, and with clients on every continent except the frozen one, Arkon has extensive experience in the industrial surfactant sector, including high expansion foams for the fire-fighting industry, household and industrial cleaners, environmentally safe printing solvents, chemical microscopy, and analysis and reformulation of products.  Dr. Connie Hendrickson holds patents in the areas of foam production, printing solvents and reclamation methods, chemical test kit design, and production of carmine. Arkon is a 2006 recipient of the EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Award.


Micro-resin inspection and measurement


Aluminum powder and sodium hydroxide surface reaction


Improperly prepped pool surface

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Validation of glass ring cleaning


Determination of purity of calcium carbonate crystals


Encapsulation of oils


Surfactants truly make the world go around...

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